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You now have the blueprint for building the new you. Follow the advice in this book over the next 12 months and you WILL pack between 8 and 20 solid pounds of muscle mass onto your body. If that doesn’t sound like much to you, go out and grab hold of a pound of lean steak. Now, imagine a dozen or so of those cuts of prime beef slapped all over your physique. Believe me, that will make a dramatic difference to the way that you look!

As you travel along your journey to a more massive physique, you will encounter all sorts of well meaning people who will offer you advice, frown at what you’re doing and try to sell you on the latest sure thing. Your job, however, is to stay focused on the two workout phases that will be your training life over the next 12 months. Too many people get started on a good thing and then switch to something else before giving it time to work. Don’t be one of them.

Where to from here?

Reclaiming your body, grasping hold of your physical destiny and forging the body that you desire is about more than knowledge.

It’s about action.

This book has given you the knowledge. In fact it has provided a template of exactly what you need to do – and avoid – in order to sculpt the physique of your dreams, despite your genetic limitations. The question is …

What are you going to do with that knowledge?

Are you going to be like the 70% of people who purchase exercise and nutrition guides and do …


Are you going to apply the clear direction we’ve provided on nutrition, and proper, scientific training OR are you going to continue spinning your wheels, flitting from one unproductive training regimen to another with nothing to show for it?

Are you going to take the workout challenge, forget the archaic nonsense about genetic limitations, and use the iron to shape and transform your physique OR are you going slip back onto the couch and resume the go nowhere lifestyle which has shaped the physique that you now possess?

Are you going to transform your mental landscape, energising it with the power of goal setting and positive thinking to catapult you forward like an unstoppable cyborg OR are you going to languish in a world of stinking thinking, convincing yourself that you are unable to build muscle, get in shape and make traction in your life?

The choice is yours.

Make the right one.

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