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Factor Seven: Boost Your Testosterone

Testosterone is the male growth hormone that is primarily responsible for muscle growth. It also boosts your sex drive. Clearly, then, you need as much of it as you can get. We produce testosterone in our testes. Most men are capable of producing about 7 mg of testosterone each day. Our testosterone levels peak at about the age of 20. It then declines but not at a marked pace.

Here’s what testosterone does to help you get massive and strong:

· Increases lean muscle mass and reduces body fat

· Promotes positive nitrogen balance

· Promotes fat metabolism

· Stimulates red blood cell production, expanding blood volume and improving oxygen delivery throughout the body.

5 Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

1. Weight train

2. Eliminate cardio

3. Sleep - get a minimum of seven hours

4. Eat more red meat

5. Lean out – the body produces more testosterone when our body fat percentage is under 15 percent.

*This is my favorite resource for raising testosterone to maximum levels, naturally.

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